Friday, February 14, 2014

The week that was

Hi Everyone,

Well last week was like a roller coaster, my poor back has been out and causing me loads of pain and I finally managed to get to the physio on Thursday and he untwisted my spine for me...what a relief that was. Now I'm mostly out of pain the world seems sunnier again. I hope wherever you are you had a lovely Valentines day on Friday, I was spoilt beyond belief and realise just how lucky and thankful I am to have a wonderful caring, loving boyfriend. I received new cycling clothes and gloves as well as tickets to see the King and I musical in May this year....eeek!!! it's my all time favourite musical. The day started with a train ride to work together followed by a yummy breakfast at Paleo Cafe and I indulged in gluten free banana pancakes with maple syrup, strawberries and lemon curd....yum yum yum. The day ended with a relaxing picnic followed by a coffee and then a train trip home together. So nice to sit in the Botanical gardens and watch life go by.

I'm afraid I still don't have the pattern for the Lisa Cowl ready for you as I haven't been able to get to the yarn store yet to purchase more yarn to make another one and fix up the mistakes I made on the first. I'll be sure to share the pattern once I have it sorted. This week I did manage to whip up some little crochet flowers out of scrap yarn and hung them up around my desk at work to make it cheery, pictures are below. I also managed to repeat the same mistake 3 times on the lace shawl I'm crocheting and had to pull 2 rows undone! I should listen to my own advice....check your work regularly, check your work regularly....maybe if I say it like a mantra it will stick in my brain and I'll do it. So progress is going slow on the shawl but I'm enjoying it so nothing to worry about.

Today will be a top of 36 here in Brisbane and it's not 11am yet and already it's very hot and sticky. I'm going to retreat indoors for a while before heading out to Spotlight on a hunt for more yarn. Have a great weekend. 

Me after I opened my parcel from IG friend @knittiwake 

My cat Pearl keeping me company while I rested my sore back.

Flower chain

Valentines Day picnic by the Brisbane River at the Botanical Gardens

This mornings little bit of hooky time while waiting for the Mr to finish his bike ride. 

Too hot today....

Lisa x

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