Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Take Two: 2013 projects complete

Don't you just love it, I started writing this post this morning and almost had it saved then forgot to save it! Never mind, I'll begin again. 

Last night was the first meet up of the knitwits which there ended up just being 3 of us as a few ladies couldn't make it. I managed to show the other ladies how to crochet so hopefully by the time the next catch up comes around they'll be ready to try a granny square. 

Last night when I got home I sat down in my beloved 70's swivel armchair and finished the border on the baby shawl and wove on the loose ends. When I started the border across the top of the last row of shells I discovered an error in the instructions on the pattern, I ended up adding a chain between stitches. The added chain worked out and the border was complete though I decided to skip the shell ruffle as I liked the simpler more modern look of just a few rows if single crochet. 

Tomorrow I'll block it and then it will be ready to post to my lovely friends in Switzerland in time for the arrival of their first baby, I'll be sending the matching newborn jacket I made and if I finish it, the bonnet too. 

Now I can work on a cardigan for my mum for Mother's Day, it's my first attempt at an adult garment so here's hoping it works out. I'm making the Graceful Jacket in the pic below, pattern book purchased on the book depository (free shipping worldwide). 

What's your first project for 2014? 

You might find the app 'crochet decoder' useful, I recommended it to the ladies last night as it explains crochet terms, hook sizes and instruction in various stitches. 

Wherever you are, have a lovely day. 

Lisa x

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