Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Well after surviving a weekend long heat wave, with temperatures hitting 40+ deg celcius it was back to work on Monday for me. Oh how I miss nana naps, sleeping in and mid week bike rides. Anyway my bank balance told me it was time to work even if I didn't want to. Monday started with Sunshine and sunflowers as I walked through the grounds of St Stephens Cathedral Brisbane, I feel lucky the walk from the station to work is a pretty one. 

Sadly, after the heat wave we had on the weekend the inevitable storm arrived in the afternoon and everything turned dark as if it were the middle if the night...consequently I squelched my way to the train to head home. The rest of the week so far has been sunny. 

I've also been working on the baby shawl I'm trying to get done by Feb for friends expecting their first baby. The train ride to and from work is a great time for hooky. 

I have about 24 rows to go then I can start the border. This week I'll be taking some time to think about what I want to accomplish this year with crochet and craft. It's going to be a busy year as I have uni starting in march on top of full time work and this year my friends are getting married in December. 

What have you got planned for your craft this year? 

Well work awaits so I'll head off now and check in later in the week. I hope wherever you are that you have a great week and laugh at least once a day. 

Lisa x

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