Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No knit knitted Christmas stocking

It now only a few more months till Christmas and my thoughts are turning to gift giving, wrapping presents, putting up the tree and sharing love and laughter with those closest to me. 

I wanted to make the special man in my life a knitted Christmas stocking to present his gifts in. I'm not a great knitter yet, I'm only able to create basic scarves in stocking stitch, but I want a stocking with cable detail that looks great. 

Solution, cheat a little. I discovered these no knit knitted stockings online last week. You take an ordinary knitted jumper, trace the shape of a Christmas stocking on it then stitch around the shape, cut out and voila you have an awesome knit stocking!

I found a beige knit jumper at my local Salvation Army store for $3.00, I washed it by hand in cold water then left it to dry on a flat surface. Now I'm ready to make the Christmas stocking. 

Stay tuned for the how too's on this sweet project. 

Lisa x

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