Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No knit Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Here's the tutorial for making your no knit Christmas stocking. 

What you'll need:

Old jumper
Sewing machine
Walking foot for your machine
Stocking template or old Christmas stocking. 


Hand wash your jumper and allow to dry on a flat surface

The construction

1. Turn the jumper inside out making sure the font and back line up.

2. Lay your stocking/pattern on top placing it where you like. 

3. Carefully use your marker or fabric pen to draw around the pattern. 

4. Remove the pattern and pin around the line you drew making sure you pin the front and back of the jumper together to keep it in place for sewing. 

5. Ensure you have your walking foot attached to your sewing machine, sew along the line you marked (watch your fingers and watch for yarn snagging over foot) 

6. After stitching all the way around the line you marked it's a good idea to go around again in zigzag to ensure the seam doesn't come undone over time. 

7. Cut around the seam with your scissors and turn right side out and you're all done. 

Now you can leave it as is or embellish or perhaps embroider the recipients initial on your stocking. 

Good luck! 

Lisa x

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