Saturday, September 28, 2013

When you're on a roll, you just have to go with it!

I've been busy tonight, after work I got it in my head I need to attempt a crochet collar. I purchased a sweet little crochet collar pattern from Crocknits (I found it on Ravelry). Being that I'm away for work I only had some lipstick crochet cotton I bought cheaply the other night at BigW. It should have been thicker cotton but I just wanted to try this pattern straight away. I've got one row to go, here are some pics of my progress so far. Have an awesome weekend. 

Lisa x

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pinterest is awesome

I just found this chart of abbreviations for crochet on Pinterest. 

And crochet ideas galore, what to start on first????

Apache tears

Child's cardi

Infinity scarf

Cute sailor outfit

Crochet collar

The list could go on but you'd get sick of clicking on links. 

Have a sweet day

L x

I'm back on track

Hi there, 

In my last post I had realised I made a boo boo and now I've fixed the error and have almost caught up to where I was before the mistake was made. Soon I'll be swapping to pink again. I won't post more pics of this project after this post for a while as you'll be sick of looking at it. 

I think I'll get to work repairing the major boo boo I made on the child hooded cardi so I'll post some info regarding this, it served to teach me an important lesson "follow the instructions!" 

Ciao for now 

Lisa x

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oops, it's not supposed to look like that!

Don't you just love it when you realise you've made a boo boo 3 rows ago and have to pull your work undone. That's exactly what happened to me, I realised I was doing the wrong stitch and as you can see from the photos it looked wonky and messy. I've pulled it undone (I undid three rows), another good reason to check your work regularly. 

It's like playing snakes and ladders, I've just hit a snake. 

Lisa x

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No knit Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Here's the tutorial for making your no knit Christmas stocking. 

What you'll need:

Old jumper
Sewing machine
Walking foot for your machine
Stocking template or old Christmas stocking. 


Hand wash your jumper and allow to dry on a flat surface

The construction

1. Turn the jumper inside out making sure the font and back line up.

2. Lay your stocking/pattern on top placing it where you like. 

3. Carefully use your marker or fabric pen to draw around the pattern. 

4. Remove the pattern and pin around the line you drew making sure you pin the front and back of the jumper together to keep it in place for sewing. 

5. Ensure you have your walking foot attached to your sewing machine, sew along the line you marked (watch your fingers and watch for yarn snagging over foot) 

6. After stitching all the way around the line you marked it's a good idea to go around again in zigzag to ensure the seam doesn't come undone over time. 

7. Cut around the seam with your scissors and turn right side out and you're all done. 

Now you can leave it as is or embellish or perhaps embroider the recipients initial on your stocking. 

Good luck! 

Lisa x

No knit knitted Christmas stocking

It now only a few more months till Christmas and my thoughts are turning to gift giving, wrapping presents, putting up the tree and sharing love and laughter with those closest to me. 

I wanted to make the special man in my life a knitted Christmas stocking to present his gifts in. I'm not a great knitter yet, I'm only able to create basic scarves in stocking stitch, but I want a stocking with cable detail that looks great. 

Solution, cheat a little. I discovered these no knit knitted stockings online last week. You take an ordinary knitted jumper, trace the shape of a Christmas stocking on it then stitch around the shape, cut out and voila you have an awesome knit stocking!

I found a beige knit jumper at my local Salvation Army store for $3.00, I washed it by hand in cold water then left it to dry on a flat surface. Now I'm ready to make the Christmas stocking. 

Stay tuned for the how too's on this sweet project. 

Lisa x

Blocking done

The blocking of the wee vest is complete and the vest is now ready to assemble. 

Some assembly required....

All pieces of the Wee Vest are complete

Before I can assemble they need blocking. 

After arranging each piece in the way I wanted it to sit, I pinned in place and used a water mister to spray water on each piece. By morning they should be dry and keep their shape which will make stitching together easier. I didn't block the hood as it needs to be flexible when sewing on. 

The pattern doesn't give instruction on how to stitch together so I'll look that part up on you tube tomorrow to see how it's done. I might create a crochet flower to jazz up the vest as it is stitched quite plainly. 

Night all x

Monday, September 9, 2013

Wee Vest update

Hi there, 

I managed to purchase more yarn in the same colour this morning. I'm using super soft acrylic from BigW. Here is the left front side of the vest, I now have to repeat this in reverse for the right front side. After that I have the hood to make and I can assemble the pieces after blocking them. I'm impressed with how quick I've progressed, the straight forward instructions really help. 

Ciao Lisa x

Fingers crossed

Fingers crossed, I'm taking a brief break from my pink and grey chevron blanket to try my hand at my very first garment. I'm making a hooded toddlers vest for a 2 year old. If I succeed I'll give it to my niece Ava. The pattern is called Vanna's Choice Baby Wee Vest from Lion Brand (Pattern Number: 80941AD). 

Here's a pic of the vest so far, I started with a ball of leftover yarn in lavender and wouldn't you know it, I've run out so I need to find a complimentary colour, I'm one row from finishing this section. 

I'll keep you posted on my progress. 

Have a sweet day and happy crafting. 

Lisa x

PS: I picked up a knitted jumper for $3:00 from my local Salvation Army shop yesterday and will hopefully be transforming it into a knitted Christmas stocking... Stay tuned. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Up close and personal

I thought it might be good to share a couple of close up shots of my current project so you can see the ribbing created by crocheting into the back of each stitch. 

How embarrassment, my nails need painting lol

Lisa x