Friday, July 12, 2013

Ta Da!!!

Well I've really surprised myself, I've managed to complete my baby ripple blanket in under a month!  Last night I sat and sewed the ends of yarn in on the edges then before going to bed I blocked my work on the guest bed. 

What is blocking? When you want your work to sit flat and straight and don't want your corners curling you block it. Lay it on a flat surface like a cushion or bed and use pins to straighten your edges and hold down those corners that keep curling up. Once pinned how you like it get a spray bottle and spray with a good mist of water and leave overnight. In the morning unpin and voila your work is neat and tidy and looks stunning. 

I used 100% pure merino baby wool from spotlight, the blanket took 1/2 a 50g ball of each colour so I've enough left to do a 2nd blanket of the same size. 

Here are some final picks of my finished project, now I just need a friend with a baby to gift it to. 

Blocking my work on the guest bed

Can you see the pins?

Pins hole the edge down so it won't curl

Voila I'm all done

Now I just need to decide what project I'm tackling next....maybe something just for me. I still have 3 beanies to finish in the meantime. 

Ciao Lisa x


  1. I like this blog Lisa and your project is great, thanks for telling me about blocking,guess I am never to old to learn,,,will wait to see the next project xxx

  2. Thanks Palobi ;-) I only learned about blocking recently from the ladies in my knitting and crochet group. It's very handy when joining granny squares as edges need to be straight.

    Lisa x