Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spinning spinning spinning

Wow! What a fantastic workshop...beginner spinning with Karen Alpert. I had such a lovely time learning to spin my own yarn using the Ashford spinning wheel I inherited from my great-Aunty Netta. I wasn't sure it would be in working order but luckily a cheap fix with a replacement tension spring and new string for the drive belt and I was off and spinning.....actually my first try I was a bit hopeless then in the afternoon I gave my optim wool a go and with help from Karen I had it pre-drafted (teased out) which made spinning a lot easier. Spinning is like patting your head, rubbing your tummy and tapping your foot all at the same time so at first it's hard to coordinate. 

We had a nice small group of 10 people plus two teachers. A nice size as we sat in a circle with our wheels some borrowed for the day. Here are some pics....I thoroughly recommend you try spinning if you get the chance. 

My wheel in the car

Setting up

Working in the grease (with wool straight from sheep) 

Using the card flicker

My first attempt.....not good at all

With the optim wool

Hurrah, I have yarn! 

A good days work! 

Ciao, Lisa :-) 

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